​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For interactive PDF forms, please save a copy to your computer and rename the form. Complete the form and submit to the Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania email​ by clicking ‘click here’ on the final page of the form.​​


 Aboriginal Heritage Desktop Review (DOCX 99Kb)

 Aboriginal Heritage Register Search Request (DOCX 105Kb)​

  Aboriginal Heritage Site Reporting Form   (139Kb)

 Aboriginal Heritage Site Recording Form (DOCX 265Kb)​

 Aboriginal Heritage Council Briefing (PDF 307Kb)​

 Aboriginal Heritage Permit Application (DOCX 59Kb)​


  Aboriginal Heritage Standards and Procedures   (842Kb)

 Aboriginal Heritage Council Community Consultation Template (DOCX 182Kb)

  Flowchart of Aboriginal Heritage Assessment Procedure   (41Kb)

  Unanticipated Discovery Plan   (171Kb)

 Guidelines (PDF 3Mb) - issued under section 21A of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1975

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