Year in Review 2020-21

​​The Aboriginal Heritage Council is pleased to publish its inaugural Year in Review 2020-21, which reflects on the Council’s activities over the financial year 2020-21 and outlines the Council’s work with stakeholders and the community.

The Year in Review is not a traditional “corporate” Annual Report; rather, in addition to describing the Council’s membership, statutory responsibilities, guiding principles and governance, the document also provides an outline of the issues important to the Council, its position on these matters, and the Council’s priorities over the next three years.

Council members hope that the Year in Review will raise awareness of the Council and transparency about the work that Council undertakes. Additionally, members hope that the document will result in increased awareness and promotion of Aboriginal cultural heritage values and their management and improve pathways for engagement with the Council for the Aboriginal Community and the broader community.

The Council welcomes feedback on its first report. It helps us to know what we are doing well and what changes we need to make. Feedback can be directed to

Members of the Aboriginal Heritage Council hope that you enjoy reading our inaugural Year in Review.

To find the report, please click here.   You can read the Year in Review online, or download a pdf version.