Aboriginal Heritage Council Meeting

​​The Aboriginal Heritage Council met for their regular monthly meeting on Thursday 28 October 2022 in Hobart.

​Council considered one permit application, resolved not to oppose and provided their advice regarding the realignment of a public walking track.

The Council heard five presentations at the meeting about the following:

  • Reserve Activity Assessment Reform process from Parks and Wildlife;
  • New Bridgewater Bridge Project;
  • Aboriginal Lands Act update;
  • Tarraleah Hydro Power Scheme Redevelopment Project; and
  • Olegas Bluff and heritage site stabilisation work update.

The Olegas Bluff and heritage site stabilisation work presentations were updates about reconnaissance field trips undertaken by the Cultural Management Group in AHT together with truwana rangers in September 2022.  

The reconnaissance field trip to Olegas Bluff was to undertake critical work to better understand the sites in the area, particularly the bush fire damaged areas where new sites were found in March. The investigations determined that some areas are potential Aboriginal sites. Another trip is planned in mid-November-December to fully understand the values. 

The site stabilisation work reconnaissance field trip was to determine what techniques and materials will be used to rehabilitate and stabilise a significant Aboriginal hut depression site. The site has been impacted by wind and sea erosion and possibly wildlife. The team determined that it will take around five working days planned for mid-February to early March 2023 to rehabilitate the site.  They will use local materials to 'pack' the vulnerable overhanging faces and add scrub bundles to assist with plant colonisation on the newly shaped bank.  Drones were used to photograph the hut depressions and a grid method was used to map the site.  This site is regarded as significant and unique. Hut depressions are rare and worth the time and resources to protect for future generations.

The next meeting of the Aboriginal Heritage Council will be held on Friday 25 November 2022 in Hobart.