Aboriginal Heritage Council Meeting

At its meeting of 11 December 2020, Council considered two permit applications submitted by proponents where project activity may impact Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Following Council’s postponement of the permit submitted to last month’s meeting by the Clarence City Council, Council members undertook a visit to gain a greater understanding of the site, and the potential impacts to Aboriginal heritage values.

Council members found the site visit to be very beneficial to each party’s understanding of the other’s point of view. Promising discussions with Clarence City Council representatives were held on site regarding potential Aboriginal heritage interpretation. While the Council provided advice to the proponent on several aspects of the proposed development, members unanimously determined not to oppose the permit.

A Council majority did not oppose the second permit, submitted by the Department of State Growth. The Department also gave a presentation to Council members on current activity.

 As the last meeting for 2020, the Chair acknowledged and thanked Council members for the work undertaken over the year, particularly recognising departing members Sonya Searle, Steve Stanton and Angela Triffitt.

 The first meeting of 2021 is scheduled for 26 February where three new Council members will be welcomed.