Jeanymaree Wilson

I have been involved in Aboriginal affairs for over thirty years, being the founder of Aboriginal Student Support Parent Awareness in Strahan and a member of several organisations. I was awarded the NAIDOC Aboriginal Artist of the Year in 1994.
I was a Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Councillor (TRAC) with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) and Chairperson of the TRAC Women's Committee as well as the Tasmanian Indigenous representative to the Office of the Status of Women in my term with ATSIC.
Until recently, I was the Indigenous member for the St Helens District High School Association and I am currently involved with the incorporation of Noiheener Aboriginal community group. 
In January 2019, I  addressed and supported the motion for the Aboriginal flag to be flown daily outside the Break O'Day Council Chambers and the motion was passed.
My parents are both Aboriginal, my mother being Tasmanian and my father from the mainland. I am very proud of my heritage. 
Jeanymaree's appointment as a Council member will end on 7 May 2023. 
Jeanymaree Jenkinson