Aboriginal Heritage Standards and Procedures

Aboriginal Heritage Standards and Procedures assist proponents to navigate the processes for the protection and management of Aboriginal heritage.

  Aboriginal Heritage Standards and Procedures  (842Kb)​

t includes the terminology used, and identifies the key parties, particularly the Aboriginal Heritage Council and Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania.

It provides the process to be followed if a permit is required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1975

The “Aboriginal Heritage Standards and Procedures” replaces the “Guide to the Aboriginal Heritage Assessment Process” (last published 2016). 

Part A of the Standards and Procedures describes the framework for managing Aboriginal heritage in the context of proposals for developments, and sets out the tools for determining if Aboriginal relics are located at development sites, and whether proposed activities will impact on Aboriginal relics.

Part B addresses the technical aspects of Aboriginal heritage management and should be used when  Aboriginal relics are present, or if further work is required to determine the presence of Aboriginal relics. 

​For further information on the assessment procedure:

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