Forms and Documents

The Guide to Understanding the Aboriginal Heritage Assessment Process (the Guide) and a number of revised forms have been developed to give greater understanding and certainty to people undertaking Aboriginal heritage assessments.

The Guide is a step-by step manual on how to navigate the Aboriginal Heritage Assessment process. The Guide and forms are regularly updated and AHT asks that you regularly check our website to ensure you are using the latest versions.


  Guide to the Aboriginal Heritage Process V6 (March 2016)   (525Kb)

The submission of the Desktop Assessment form should be the first point of contact with AHT. A Desktop Assessment is undertaken to determine whether a project or development will impact Aboriginal heritage. Anyone can submit a Desktop Assessment form.

The Contact Lists provided below should be used to contact Heritage Practitioners. The Aboriginal Heritage Officer Contact List contains names of Aboriginal people endorsed by the Aboriginal community to undertake assessments.  The Register of Consulting Archaeologists, which is updated annually, is a list of professional archaeologists available to work in Tasmania.  AHT does not provide recommendations for the use of any of the heritage practitioners listed, it is up to you to gain referee reports to ascertain the quality of the work produced by the consultants.
  Aboriginal Heritage Officer AHO Contact list 05_ 2016   (177Kb) 

An Aboriginal Heritage Register (AHR) Search Form (formerly TASI Search Form) should ideally be submitted by a Heritage Practitioner.  An AHR Search will provide you with specific Aboriginal heritage site information that may be located in an area specified by you.

  AHR Search Form   (44Kb)


An Aboriginal Heritage (AH) Site Recording Form (formerly TASI Site Recording Form) should only be filled in by a qualified Heritage Practitioner.

  AH Site Recording Form   (196Kb) 


A Permit Application needs to be submitted if a project is going to interfere with Aboriginal heritage, in accordance with the Aboriginal Relics Act 1975.  Under the Act it is an offence to destroy, damage, deface, conceal or otherwise interfere with Aboriginal heritage unless under an approved permit.


An Aboriginal Heritage Site Reporting Form should only be filled out by a member of the public. This form should be used to report finds that may be the result of past Aboriginal land use. AHT staff will contact you and may conduct an investigation as to whether the site has already been recorded.

  Aboriginal Heritage Site Reporting Form   (61Kb)