Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council Visits Tasmania


Aboriginal Heritage Council with members of Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council and Parks and Wildlife Service staff
photo: Grant Finlay

The Aboriginal Heritage Council (AHC) recently welcomed three members of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council (VAHC) on a visit to Tasmania. Plans for the visit began in late 2016 as a way to build a relationship between the councils.

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council members, Eleanor Bourke (Chairperson), Nellie Flagg and Sissy Havea have extensive involvement in their local communities as well as Council responsibilities. There were many shared experiences about the challenges of being actively involved among community organisations and working with government.

The following day with the support of Parks and Wildlife Service staff at Arthur River, the AHC and VAHC members visited several Aboriginal heritage sites on the northwest coast such as Ordinance Point and laraturunawn / Sundown Point. Councillors discussed the respective heritage management frameworks in each state and the ongoing challenges of identifying and protecting heritage as well as community education and renewing cultural practices.

The Aboriginal Heritage Council is looking forward to further opportunities to develop the relationship with Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council as well as with colleagues in South Australia.