Aboriginal Heritage Register (AHR)

‚ÄčThe Aboriginal Heritage Register (AHR), was launched in November 2014 to replace a number of internal systems, including the Tasmanian Aboriginal Site Index (TASI). The AHR records information about Aboriginal Heritage sites and supports many of Aboriginal Heritage Tasmania's (AHT) business processes. Currently there are over 13,000 sites listed on the AHR.
Information held in the AHR ranges from hand written archaeological excavation notes from the 1970s, through to state-of-the-art digital imaging. Supportive documentation, which is intricately linked to the database, is in the form of 3000 unpublished Aboriginal heritage reports and thousands of slides and photographs, most of which have now been digitised.
Each site location is recorded in a Geographical Information System in order that meaningful data can be extracted by AHT staff. The AHR is not publicly available however, application can be made to AHT to access information pertaining to your property or project. The application form to access this information can be found on the Forms and Documents page.