Aboriginal Heritage Council

The Aboriginal Heritage Council (AHC) was established in late 2012 to provide a consolidated Aboriginal Community view to the Government on the preservation and protection of Tasmania’s rich Aboriginal heritage.
The Council is comprised of members from the Aboriginal community who have extensive knowledge and experience in Aboriginal heritage management.
The Government has recently expanded the Aboriginal Heritage Council and made it a permanent advisory group.
The revised Aboriginal Heritage Council will continue with its role of providing advice and recommendations on the protection and management of Aboriginal heritage in Tasmania.  However, its role has been further strengthened with the additional task of developing and overseeing a major study of Aboriginal cultural values in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).
The Aboriginal Heritage Council has taken a partnership approach to its role in developing measures to promote public understanding and awareness of Aboriginal cultural heritage in Tasmania.
The Aboriginal Heritage Council meets monthly and provides advice to Government and stakeholders, both voluntarily and on request, on the protection and management of Aboriginal heritage on matters including:

  • Land management
  • Review and development of policy and procedures
  • Permit applications for development proposals
  • Research studies
  • Education and interpretation awareness
  • Promoting the participation of Aboriginal people in the protection and management of Aboriginal heritage
  • Other matters referred to Council by the Minister.


Aboriginal Heritage Council Members

  • Rocky Sainty – Chair
  • Rodney Dillon
  • Fiona Hamilton
  • Colin Hughes
  • David Gough
  • Hank Horton
  • Tony Brown
  • Zoe Rimmer
  • Grant Maynard

Upcoming meeting dates

  • Friday 25 November
  • Friday 16 December
  • Friday 27 January 2017
  • Friday 24 February 2017


  AHC Briefing Form 2016   (52Kb)  



All enquiries should be directed to the AHC Executive Officer:
Dr Grant Finlay
(03) 6165 3136
or aboriginal@heritage.tas.gov.au